Joe the Plumber: The Real Election Story

It’s great that Joe’s question to Barack Obama has made the news. It’s a tragedy the way it has been covered in the days that followed.

In typical fashion, all of the following has happened, Joe asked a real and good question of Obama.  As a good Democrat, Obama tried to sidestep the question, suggest that he would lower Joe’s taxes in many ways, and then stumbled into the truth.  His real goal is to “spread the wealth around.”  In short, the purpose behind his agenda is to act as the moral agent that would decide who was more deserving of the money Joe earns.  So Obama is a good Democrat – the American iteration of a Socialist.

The Republican response is little better.  Rather than to repudiate the tax system on the whole, Republicans have chosen to exploit Joe as much as they can, suggesting that they would truly keep him from having his taxes increased, which is probably true, but is kind of like saying to a guy on the side of the road with a flat tire – we won’t flatten your other tires as we drive on by.

This man needs a tax cut!  We all do!  What gets lost in the conversation about Joe the Plumber is the utter arrogance of the politicians on the left and the big-government-right that the 36% he is already paying belongs to the federal government no matter who gets elected.  After all, don’t they need it to pay for the bail out?  What do you think of this?


Is Sarah Palin Helping McCain or Hurting Him?

Sarah Palin certainly draws crowds wherever she goes. She seems popular with women because she’s a Mom a regular gal, and she could become the first woman to be Vice President of the United States. She seems popular with men because she strikes a chord with the conservative base on issues important to many men like the Second Amendment and lower taxes, and let’s face it – she looks good!

But is that enough? First of all, she’s running with a candidate who does have a reputation as a maverick, but he seems to be as willing to buck his own positions as others. Once you get past his history as a POW and his motive to see that any war we fight isn’t lost, any other position McCain takes seems to be up for grabs – and when he takes a stand – he has a penchant for alienating people, including voters, who should be supportive of him.

With McCain’s age and health, he needs a running mate who is ready to step in. Does he have it? What do you think? On balance, it seems that Sarah Palin is a net positive for McCain. The people who like her are mostly Independents and Republicans who weren’t too sure about McCain before and will probably vote for him now. those who don’t like her are mostly Democrats who wouldn’t vote for McCain anyway, or Republicans who will vote for him in spite of their misgivings about her.

But what do you think? Is Sarah Palin ready “for prime time”, ready to become “the leader of the free world”? Is she the most qualified Republican woman? Is her extraordianry enthusiasm an inspiration? Or does her lack of depth put you off?

This is a forum. Please share your own thoughts. There is a variety of opinion out there – yours is just as important as anyone else.


ACORN, Barack Obama & The Threat to American Democracy

The Story of ACORN

and Its Connections to Barack Obama

Thanks to massive “get out the vote”, GOTV, efforts of a group known as ACORN, the city of Indianapolis has registered 33,000 more voters than it has eligible voters. ACORN was responsible for registering nearly 50,000 new voters in the month preceding its registration deadline – hmmm? The “spike” in voter registrations in this traditional bastion of conservatism has tilted its overall registrations in favor of Democrats for this election cycle.

In Cuyahoga County, OH, another “swing state” in this election, ACORN registered approximately 20,000 “voters” in the last week before the registration deadline on October 6, 2008. Close to 100% were registered as Democrats. In one instance, the very same person was registered over 70 times.

In Lake County, IN, though each voter is required to place his/her own signature on a registration form, registrations with the very same signature for over 500 different names was submitted for registration by an ACORN representative.

In Reno, Nevada, where no Dallas Cowboys’ football players reside, their entire roster was submitted on a list of registered voters by ACORN.

In Florida, Pennsylvania and New Mexico, numerous deceased individuals have been registered to vote by ACORN workers. Cats, unnamed individuals, street names and more all have been registered to vote thanks to the work of ACORN.

And what is ACORN’s response to these assaults on the process of holding fair and honest elections? The ACORN website has nothing except two links to headlines referencing this news – one suggesting that any investigation of their work was connected to firings of US attorneys by the Bush administration, and the other claiming that ACORN is being unjustly targeted by right wing groups trying to stop poor people from voting.

Poor people? What? How about dead people? Pets? Street corners? Are they advocating that all of these should be voting too? What about one man, one vote? Obviously, ACORN sees it efforts to invalidate the whole function of democracy in the United States as a worthy and valuable effort.

Yet all of this news escapes much of major media’s coverage. The whole of our financial system is undergoing a hostile takeover by the federal government, and at the very same time, our entire system of democracy is threatened.

This kind of threat is not merely a threat to one election, one election cycle or an isolated band of counties and municipalities in a few states. It will continue to impact our elections going forward. Once these “voters” are registered, it is much easier to keep them registered. Unless they are purged from the voting roles, they will “cast votes” in future elections as well. And the impact of votes in Cleveland, will be felt in Columbus, California, and wherever it is that you live as well.

Considerably more than 99% of these registrations are for Democrats (given ACORN’s mission, it’s amazing that even a handful are Republican). It means more Democrats will be elected as mayors, commissioners, judges, legislators, senators and governors in any region where the fraudulent votes are allowed to be counted.

And it guaranties that Barack Obama will be elected President. It won’t just help him to win, it guaranties it. He is already ahead in the polls, and he will certainly fare better than the last Democratic candidate, John Kerry, did when he lost by a mere three percentage points nationwide, and needed only to win the state of Ohio to prevent an electoral college victory from going to President Bush.

With ACORN’s boost, Barack Obama is assured of gaining more than enough additional votes to win at least six states lost by Kerry in 2004, including Ohio, even if he only managed to garner the same percentage of votes from honest registrants as Kerry had in 2004. In at least four other states won by Bush in 2004, Obama would only need to gain a two percentage point gain in existing registrations, plus 99% of the ACORN registrations to win. If he accomplishes of this, Obama will take this election in a landslide.

Without ACORN’s registrations, on the other hand, the election is likely to be a photo finish. In short, then, Barack Obama is gaining an electoral coup because of a once, little known group of community organizers called ACORN.

So what is Obama’s connection to ACORN? Simply put, it is very direct and very close. During the early 1990’s, Obama was Executive Director of a group called Project Vote. Project Vote and ACORN prominently feature each other on their own website’s for their affiliation. Essentially Project Vote is the intellectual, analytical and managerial horsepower for ACORN. It trains, edifies and strategizes for its primary client, ACORN, to help them accomplish the voter registration tactics that ACORN uses. Obama also acted as an attorney for ACORN in challenging the state of Illinois’ motor voter registration law.

Let’s be clear. As Executive Director of Project Vote, Barack Obama was responsible for implementing the fraudulent voter registration schemes used by ACORN today. Anyone refusing to acknowledge or demonstrate these overt connections is enabling Obama’s effort to dismantle our democracy. These are very tough words, but they need to be stated for what they are – and this is as plainly as I can describe it.

So when the media sources you view or hear ignore this story or downplay the connections between Obama and ACORN and the fraudulent registrations that are likely to supercharge his election, they are complicit in the demolition of the rule of one person, one vote. So if NBC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, and your favorite internet sources fail to fully expose what is going on – let them know it needs to be covered – objectively and thoroughly. That is not happening now.

This goes beyond outrage – way beyond. It calls for serious action. Writing your Congressman isn’t enough. You need to be actively involved with election officials, telling them what to look for and how to address it, volunteering to work in polling places where the risks are greatest, and doing what you can to preserve the threads of democracy our country still maintains.

This isn’t about electing John McCain. Though, I am convinced that Barack Obama is dangerous in many more ways than are recognizable to the naked eye, I have many reservations about McCain’s capacity to lead the country as well.

The election of the next President is far less important than the preservation of our own country’s ability to continue to hold free and fair elections. Right now that is very much in jeopardy. The questions that surrounded the vote count in Florida eight years are tiny when compared to the lasting impact this massive voter fraud effort can have on this election.

You can help. Please do what you can!

Israel’s Allies in America

I have been in and around the evangelical church most of my life. It has shaped my worldview on many issues. I consider myself strongly Pro-life, in large part because of what I have experienced and come to understand in the churches I’ve attended.

But there is one issue I have been at odds with this segment of the population for a very long time – its love affair with the modern nation-state of Israel, and the distortions this has brought to Christian worldview.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no different than most Americans or Christians when it comes to the view that a safe haven for the Jewish people in their ancient homeland is an important goal for America to support.

It is the reasons we nurture that goal and the results that follow, that trouble me.

For the past 100 years, there has been a move among the superpowers of the world to create, then support, and to some extent, even sustain a nation-state for the Jewish people in the region of the fertile crescent. In America, this movement was first led by Woodrow Wilson, yet over time, it’s banner has been passed to what is now the “Neo-conservative” movement.

Essentially, the Neo-conservatives and evangelicals have one thing in common – they would do anything to keep Israel alive, strong and under the rule of conservative or Orthodox Jews. Though they share this common goal, their motives are quite different.

For the Neocon, Israel represents the gateway to the spread of the American ideal – American style democracy for the rest of the world. (It is also lead by many conservative Jews who are closely allied with non-Jewish politicians on the Right.) Oddly, their opponents, most notably Jimmy Carter, want to spread some sense of American democracy, “hegemony”, around the globe too (making it hard to understand how a faithful progressive would support this effort), but they take very different approaches to attaining this goal.

The Neocons believe in a truly top down style of leadership in democracy. While this is rather antithetical to the notion of democracy, they look at the American experiment and see that if it had not been for a group of men like Franklin, Jefferson and Adams, we would not have established the United States as we did. Therefore, the Neocons look for potential leaders in other countries and do their level best to help them light the fire within their own countries.

The establishment faction of the American Left believes in the approach of the “world community” coming together – the United Nations should essentially mediate the develop of new democracies – and we should help lead this effort. These two approaches, you might observe, are highly dependent on each other – which is interesting.

And the Neocon effort is also highly dependent on its cheering section – which is comprised of a sizeable segment of the evangelical right. Somehow, the mainstream media overlooks this group’s love affair with Israel and mistakenly lumps other evangelicals in with them. (To be sure, certain evangelical denominations like the Reformed Episcopal Church and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, are completely at odds with the Neocons on issues of foreign policy.) This is surprising given the media bent toward the left, the unpopularity of the war in Iraq, and the close connections that exist between right wing foreign policy and Israel.

It is also surprising because the Neocon’s cheering section is highly discreet. Essentially it is made up of two segments of evangelicals – dispensationalists, who are largely Baptist, and charismatics, who are closely connected to the Assemblies of God denomination. And while the dispensationalists have been providing biblical interpretation and intellectual juice to the movement for well over 100 years, it is the charismatic faction that has brought numbers of people and extraordinary zeal to their cause.

Of course, you need to understand what this zeal is all about. Am I saying that Christians, are embracing the leadership of a nation governed by people who deny the Christian belief in the deity of Jesus Christ? Well, actually yes – I am. But why would they do this?

The answer lies in their devotion to a belief that Christ is going to return to the earth in the very near future, that he will return to Israel, destroy his enemies, and in some corners, actually restore the ancient temple and reinstate the system of animal sacrifice.

Now, I’m just going to be blunt here – this last idea bears no relation to any historical Christian belief and I think it is truly an inane interpretation of scripture.

Think about this with some clarity: why would the writers of scripture – who were intentional and instrumental in bringing an end to the system of sacrifice for the very reason that Christ’ own sacrifice was sufficient “once for all” – have written words that someday would become the very words used to help reinstate the system they intended to see terminated for all time?

Yet popular televangelists and preachers, like Pat Robertson, Rod Parsley, John Hagee all preach their own variations on this theme, and dozens of others, largely promoted through the medium of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, sound the constant battle cry for Americans, lead by Christians, to make the pathway clear for Christ’s imminent return in Israel. This, they tell us, will be accomplished first by “winning” the war in Iraq, then ridding Israel of the threat it faces from Iran, and any other nation who would dare step up and threaten the place “where Jesus walked”.

To be sure, it is not just the televangelists and TBN who have actualized this movement. There are literally hundreds of church pastors, “prophets”, “apostles” and “prayer warriors” busily pilfering the pockets of simple grandmothers, and naïve young men who are sincerely and eagerly awaiting Christ’s return, so much so that they allow themselves to be spoon fed “another gospel” than the gospel of salvation through the cross. I know, there are people in my family who have been lead down this path.

Now I have never been one to think of the walk of faith as a mere acknowledgement of one’s salvation. Rather I believe we all have important roles to play because of who we are. My point is that we are foolish to work against the precepts of our own faith, and that is what millions of Christians are being taught they should do.

And this zeal behind the dispensational/charismatic support for the modern state of Israel has become the tool of some very, very bad foreign policy. Foreign policy that even serves to hinder Christianity as it exists around the world.

Most famously, it is worthy of note that the foreign policy of Bush-Cheney-Rice pursues war in Iraq, and somewhat in Afghanistan, and has virtually ignored the genocide in Darfur that is largely perpetrated by radical Muslims against Christians.

And this foreign policy has been wholeheartedly supported by the fanatical segment of evangelical Christians. What are they thinking?

It will not be easy for anyone to step into these circles and turn their followers back to a sensible view of biblical interpretation and Christian faith. I know, I’ve tried. Anyone who does will be met with catcalls, accusations of infidelity to Christ, and sometimes, demon possession.

If you question their positions in any way, you are quickly turned out of dialogue, discussion and any possibility of being heard by these folks. They don’t want to hear it. All they want is a new temple – 2,000 years of Christianity be damned!

Getting the new temple means, establishing a government – that would be Orthodox or at least, conservative Jews – who will see the task through. That means that protection of the state of Israel from anyone who would threaten its most conservative policies becomes an American policy imperative – and applies to anyone who might threaten the state of Israel.

An interesting dynamic that is emerging in this puzzle is the role of China. China now has more evangelical Christians living within its own borders than does the United States. China is also fast becoming one of the foremost allies of Israel– quite interesting indeed. How this will play out is not yet foreseeable – but be sure that the prophets and apostles of the off-the-charts religious right will be pontificating loudly to their own constituencies about whether China is part of “Anti-Christ”, or to be seen as an ally in propping up Israel for Christ’s return.

Regardless, my purpose in making this post, is to try to reach out to the media on the secular left and motivate them to call out the religious right on a matter of substance.

Personally, I have long believed that standing for a “culture of life” as Roman Catholics and other Christians have been doing for a generation, is a noble thing. For just as long, the media has unfortunately pilloried the Right over this stand.

Yet, it would be logical, fair and sound for the media to challenge and raise doubt about the Christian Right on the moral inconsistency and, really, hypocrisy, of preaching about a culture of life while advocating war in Iraq, and remaining shamefully quiet about the genocide in Darfur. Who are these people who would propound such ill teachings? Call them out – name their names – show what they are doing for what it is – misleading their own flock, and perpetrating unending violence in the Middle East.

When that finally happens, perhaps real change can be gained in American foreign policy. Until then, I doubt it will matter who is President, or in Congress. The zealous supporters of Israel won’t give up their swords easily. They will be back!

Kids, Dads and Divorce

If you read this and other blogs typically for information and not necessarily for political action – great. But if you’re here, you read this blog, this is serious stuff!
While we have a broken economy, threats to our security, and political turmoil surrounding us – the basic morals, ethics and hope for the next generation is left tattered just like the families that are tossed into the divorce system we’ve created.
Consider the following, more that half of all marriages end in divorce. For couples with children, almost half end in divorce before the children are grown. A child born today is as likely to live without his or her father in the same home as with his or her father.
In the vast majority of these cases (about 85%), Dad didn’t choose this route, Mom did. In some cases, estimates range anywhere from 1-20% of those cases, she had to because of violence, alcoholism, drug addictions, etc. But in the vast majority of these situations, Dad is out of the home against his will, and is basically just a good Dad – a Dad his kids need!
Nonetheless, fewer than 20% of divorced fathers have their children in their home even half the time. For the majority, their kids are with them less than a quarter of the time. Many are able to see their children no more than a few times a year. More than a few never get to see them at all.
This hurts if you’re a Dad. It hurts if you’re a kid too. Sadly, this is rarely recognized. Kids go through a lot of pain in a divorce. I know, I’ve been there. My parents divorced when I was nine.
Sometimes it’s recognized that kids hurt when they go back and forth between homes, and it’s true. I felt it myself. At least one of my own kids has made it clear that she feels that now. But does that mean that the Dad, who didn’t choose to have things that way, should be punished for it? Does it mean the children should be punished in a way they can’t even appreciate at 9,10 or 11 years old – by missing out on their father’s attention? Does it mean they need to wear the scars that come with knowing their Dad is missing from their lives – even if they feel like they prefer being with their Moms?
Dads are important. They give their kids something they can’t get from their moms, their teachers, their grandparents, society, “the village”. Kids need their Dads.
The petition linked above and reprinted below is directed toward helping accomplish just that. There is no perfect system. But there sure is a much better system than what we have now.
Kids’ Dads need a real chance to survive and be able to be Dads in the complex social and economic morass they face today!!
Please consider this carefully – and if you would – click on this link Petition powered by, and add your name to this petition, and encourage others to do the same.

Thank you for taking the time to give this your attention!



Children need both of their parents. Fathers should not be pushed out of children’s lives after a divorce. The equal protection of the law for both parents is the best protection for children.

1. Custody and “parenting time” laws should balance and maximize the time children can have with each parent, presuming equal time with each parent.

2. Child Support laws should be reformed to ensure that fathers (and noncustodial mothers) are allowed to remain solvent. Support should at least temporarily adjust and abate for involuntary business failure, unemployment, disability, and military service. Support of children should be balanced between both parents and there should be accountability for the use of funds for the children.

3. Protection from domestic violence under the law is good. However, these laws should not be allowed to be used for the purpose of gaining an advantage in a custody battle. A person who makes claims of domestic violence that are proven untrue should not be allowed to profit with child support or other gains after making a false claim of such a serious nature.

Financial Markets in Turmoil: Republicans Offer Enormous Government as a Solution

I know many die hard Republicans. I thought McCain hit gold when he picked Sarah Palin. She is a decent choice and a very good role model for my daughters and young women across America. But this week has shown what a disaster has become of the Republican Party. The market has voted for Ron Paul. Seriously, this is true. He has consistently advocated for getting rid of the Federal Reserve and returning to the Bretton Wood monetary system – the “Gold Standard”. Gold hit a record high.

Then Bush’s Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, and the Fed. Reserve decided to veto the market decision and add $500 Billion in debt to our deficit, pushing our debt for this year toward $1 Trillion. That was about the size of the entire US economy when Ronald Reagan was elected President. This is not just insane, it is a suicide pill. It signals really bad managers to take even more risk in the financial markets, with the assurance that the US Govt. will bail them out when they fail – at least until our Treasury runs out of money – and run out of money it eventually will, sooner now rather than later. We are in much bigger trouble than we realize for much longer than we may think.

So while Barack Obama promises to tax and spend us to death even faster than our current trek toward national bankruptcy, John McCain’s only answer is to fire the SEC Chairman and blame corporate executives on Wall Street. By failing to say the bailout was dead wrong and that he will strip the Fed of its license to keep more good money after bad, John McCain is giving the green light for more of the same if he gets elected. Pres. Bush has unwittingly been killing our economy with huge spending – not only through the Feds unhealthy infusions of cash, but on education, medicare, the war, and new regulations on Wall Street (ideas any liberal could love) – and now with the bailout situations, McCain is promising to spend and regulate even more if he gets elected.

If we want something that will help America, the federal government needs to be reigned in – very fast and very significantly, especially the Federal Reserve. Nothing McCain says suggests that he has an understanding or the desire to do this – with these moves by the Fed, the Republican Party has become the biggest, Big Government political party we have ever had – bigger even than the Democrats – and that took some doing. It is scary – especially since there is no real alternative out there at present.

But never fear, the Democrats will not be outdone, they will propose more spending and regulation than Republicans can imagine – that is their nature. All Republicans (“conservatives”) do is act as the shadow of radical liberalism R.L. Dabney warned of in the 19th Century. They resist change, but only until resisting change becomes an embarrassment to them.

That is what has become of the Republican Party. It exists in a constant quick response mode to try to avoid any embarrassment the media might heap upon them – only to become an utter embarrasment in their quest to do so.

There is an old saying, “give the voters a choice between a Democrat and a Democrat, and they’ll pick the Democrat every time.” That is why Bush 41 lost to Clinton. Once he raised taxes on behalf of an already bloated government, why not vote for A Democrat?

Will McCain lose to Obama because he suggests he will try to outrace him to the end of the US Treasury? Obama can run faster, he ought to see that . The more serious question is whether either candidate would do anything other than hasten our national bankruptcy? Personally, I don’t see it.

– Chris Navarro

The Financial Crisis in America: Open Response to a Michigan Senator

Dear Senator [in reply to her response below]:

I’m terribly disappointed that you mask the truth of Sen. Reid’s proposal. Title I of the Bill provides that: The Consumer-First Energy Act of 2008 would create a tax on “windfall profits” of the major oil companies at a special supplemental rate of 25 percent. This is directly from the Democratic Policy Committee’s own website.

It is just dishonest to suggest that the Bill is about repealing tax subsidies when its primary purpose is a tax that will cause oil companies to severely restrict the fuel they supply – and force costs to go much higher than they already are.

Your commentary reminds me of Sen. Obama’s commentary on taxes. He claims he will cut taxes on 91 or 95% of Americans – depending on the day. But this pretends that the repeal of the Bush tax cuts will not raise taxes on every single American. It absolutely will. Every tax rate on every citizen will go up. The little people, the Barney Smith’s of the world, who tend to vote for Democrats, get mislead and overwhelmed by the crushing force of the government. They will be hurt when taxes on profitable businesses go up as well.

Sometimes the Republicans expand the government is unwise ways too, but at least they stand firmly for lower taxes when the economy is already weak, and at least they will be somewhat permissive about using the oil and gas we have and need.

This is no time for new taxes. This Bill will destroy an economy that is already badly hurting. I am very disappointed in your partisan portrayal of the problem. Our economy is hurting, and badly. We need the freedom to drill for more energy resources, in more places, with more freedom to use our resources. Our environment will be better cared for as we have more prosperity. If our economy continues to be hurt, the environment will ultimately suffer as well. Recession and poverty beget pollution and poor public health. It is a myth that choking off energy exploration and development protects the environment. We need to be drilling in Michigan as soon as possible and we can do this in clean, safe ways.

We will benefit from alternative energy resources as the market actually wants them. I have a good friend who is a partner in an alternative energy investment firm and they have had to change their strategy away from new sources of energy to gaining greater efficiencies with existing sources of energy produced largely from gas, cola and oil in order to survive in the market. The marketplace, consumers as well as producers are not convinced about wind, solar and other forms of alternative energy yet. And government infusions of money won’t help. It would help to get out of the way of development of nuclear power. It is clean and efficient. The government will never be an effective arbiter of what energy sources will be used in the future – the market, the consumers and producers, have to decide that.

Please vote for allowing new growth in our state’s economy and not to hurt our opportunities for jobs and prosperity further by adding new taxes and continuing to prohibit energy exploration.

A J Thompson

From: Senator Debbie Stabenow []
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 4:55 PM
Subject: Re: Please Vote Against Any Form of New Taxes on Energy

September 17, 2008

[redacted address and personal information]

Thank you . . .

. . for contacting me about our nation’s energy policies. I understand your concerns.

At a time when Michigan faces unprecedented challenges, we need to make responsible decisions that benefit both the environment and American jobs. I understand your concerns about the cost of new energy proposals and rising energy prices facing consumers and businesses. However, oil profits are at an astronomical high, as these oil companies continue to be subsidized by American taxpayers. Instead, we need to be investing in new, cleaner forms of energy, and leveling the playing field for these new industries.

As you may know, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) introduced the Consumer-First Energy Act of 2008 on May 20. This legislation would eliminate taxpayer subsidies to oil companies. This legislation also makes it illegal for suppliers to sell oil or gasoline at an unconscionably excessive price. Additionally, this bill would direct the Secretary of Energy and the Interior to suspend shipments of petroleum to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve until the beginning of 2009. This legislation was blocked from further debate in Congress in June. If it comes before me again in the Senate, I will keep your concerns in mind.

I believe we need a common-sense and diversified approach to our growing energy problems that doesn’t cost us jobs or inhibit economic growth, and proposed tax incentives will provide a strong balance. Tax incentives for new renewable energy can promote a more diverse energy supply, reducing our dependence on foreign oil. These incentives would also lead to lower energy prices and new green collar jobs. As a member of the Finance Committee, I fought for a tax package that would promote fuel cells, E85 ethanol, hybrid plug-ins, advanced batteries, and other important technological investments. This package also included tax credits for the production of advanced biofuels and renewable electricity. Unfortunately, the President and the minority party have been obstructing these important measures.

Investments in new technologies can create new jobs that utilize Michigan’s engineering, manufacturing, and agricultural expertise, while protecting the environment. I will continue to work to bring new, green collar jobs to Michigan that will strengthen our competiveness in a global economy and reduce American dependence on foreign oil.

Thank you again for contacting me. Please continue to keep me informed about issues of concern to you and your family.


Debbie Stabenow

United States Senator